Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pick A Song that is You

For my class in Theology of Popular Music the other day, we all had to pick one song that means something to us and bring it to class to play it during our Listening Party (cool class, eh?). How can you pick one song that represents you? I like so many genres of music--pop, rock, soul, R&B, country rock, gospel--and so many eras of songs--40s on up--how is it possible to pick one song? Well, let me tell you it was hard. I had 5 songs spanning 4 decades that were on my iPhone and I didn't know which one I would play until I got up in front of the class. What did I pick, you say? Yes, I love soul, blues, R&B but I couldn't nail down one artist. Also, I didn't want to come out as the "older person" in the class. I grew up with great rock groups of the 70s--Journey, Van Halen, Styx, Survivor, Queen--and enjoy listening to the hard edge of rock with its powerful rhythms and beats. So, here it is.... in the end, I picked.... a new Alanis Morissette song, called Guardian. I like Alanis because of her angst and searching and well as her rock rhythms. The music speaks for itself and touches deep. I felt this song spoke to me about the idea that we want to protect and guard our loved ones, but we, in the end, must leave them free to find their way in life. But, its rock sound and rhythm speaks deep to me as well. I many times don't need lyrics to give shape to my emotions and feelings. Music speaks for itself and draws out these emotions within us in a way words cannot. Take a listen to the song. Let me know what song you would have chosen.

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Carmel said...

I would have to pick HOSEA - Come Back to Me. My Mom pick out all the hymns she wanted at her funeral mass. One week before she passed away, they played this song in church while I was at mass. I was really holding my own until I heard that song. I love it so much and will always think of my mother when I hear it.

Carmel Cutugno