Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next top ten song

Here's my #2 song for my project on Theology of Popular Music. Everybody needs a little SOUL:

by: Aretha Franklin
Album: 30 Greatest Hits

Subjective: Aretha’s soul speaks to mine. Her gut-wrenching vocals express profound emotion and a desire for change. I listen to her when I feel intense emotion about a situation and need to give it expression.
Objective: This song, written by the Queen of Soul in 1968, was her feminist anthem and empowers women to stand up, refuse to be taken advantage of and claim respect for who they are.  Even though our society has changed tremendously since the 60s, there are still situations, which I have personally experienced, where prejudice toward women is tangible. This was an important song when it was released and can presently challenge the many ways injustice infiltrates our society.
Theological: Each human being is a unique and unrepeatable gift from the Creator. And freedom is one of the greatest of our individual rights. Oppression, which limits others’ freedom and independence, is an injustice that cannot be tolerated. Freedom is not just the ability to choose independently between alternate options, but true freedom is the choice of a personal path toward and for another. Freedom is love—true, authentic, self-giving love.

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