Friday, September 7, 2012

Song #4--Theology & Popular Music

Here's my #4 song for my Theology and Popular Music project. One of the most interesting things about popular music is its ability to convey the deepest questions of the human spirit for purpose and meaning. These are the questions we all feel but don't know how to articulate them in a way that will be heard by others. Music has this ability because it is conveyed by more than the emotions that are evinced from the melody, rhythm, sound and vocal passion.

Some Nights
by: fun.
album: Some Nights
genre: alternative
video: Some Nights official video

Subjective: The rhythmic percussion instrument base in this song along with the layered harmonies is addicting. I find myself involuntarily turning the volume control to maximum when this comes on the radio or my playlist. Perhaps it’s the resonant tribal rhythms that speak to primal human emotions.

Objective: The song speaks of a questioning of life’s choices and wanting to make something of life that is worth the struggle. But confusion reigns and the artist is not even sure of what he wants and who he is, in life and in relationships. The battle, which the music and words convey, is not necessarily with external forces, but is with oneself. Old beliefs are not sufficient for answering the questions of why things happen and the regret that sometimes follows one’s choices. And, no answers are forthcoming. The song lingers with the question, “What do I stand for?”

Theological: All of humanity experiences existential questioning and the anguish of uncertainty. This song, as much of art does, asks the questions that are often kept hidden in the depths of our psyches. What is our purpose when there seems to be only disillusionment and disenchantment? Is there something more than this life? Perhaps this song distains an answer and only wants us to think and question, What are my convictions? What gives me strength, life and joy? Sometimes, only by living through the questions with patient perseverance can we find peace and purpose. God is in the questions. Are we willing to ask them?

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